Getting Started With Your Local SEO

If you build it, will they come?

We all know that famous line from the movie Field of Dreams, “if you build it, they will come”. But will they?

Creating a website is something very different than building a baseball field on your farmland- although you could probably see a good metaphor we can start elaborating on here. BUT let’s stick with the situation at hand.

If you build a website, will visitors come?

The easy answer is yes. You share it on Facebook, you Tweet it out, you tell your friends and family, people will come. As good as that is, those visits will start to trail off.

So, what’s Plan B?

You need to get seen when people search for your keywords. You may be asking what a keyword is, if you are, they are the words associated with your business that someone will search when looking for you or your competitor. If I’m an Italian restaurant, my keywords would be something like “Ottawa Italian restaurant”. They get decent search activity and the competition for those keywords, if I wanted to advertise on Google, would be pretty cheap.

SEMRush Ottawa Italian restaurant

SEMRush Ottawa Italian restaurant

Using search engine optimization allows your website to be seen by Google when someone types in your keywords. This is pretty simple to do when you first create your site, but it’s another thing to maintain it and keep up with your competition. It’s also one thing to be seen by Google and another thing to be on page 1 of the search results. The level of business you want to generate is based on your position on Google. 75.7% of all clicks on the search results page are on the first 5 results. That’s HUGE! That means when someone types in “Italian restaurants Ottawa” in Google, from the 880 total searches that are made, the first 5 results on the search results page will get around 666 clicks. Can you imagine the effect on your business. If you split that amongst the first 5 restaurants, that’s 133 clicks each!

Getting your site listed on Google is extremely important if you are looking to be in business long term. If you are a local company trying to get local business, Google My Business is a must! This is where you add your location, contact information and what allows your customers to leave reviews.

I think I’ll stop here and save the rest for another post before going to technical on you.

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