[Gust Post] Your Complete Guide to Medical Spa Marketing in 2018

Your Complete Guide to Medical Spa Marketing in 2018 by our sister company med spa digital.

Your Complete Guide to Medical Spa Marketing in 2018

Successfully marketing your medical spa is key to your spa flourishing. Use this guide to create a plan for successful medical spa marketing.

It’s 2018. Do you know how to market your medical spa?

Medical spa marketing is different today than it was 10, five, or even two years ago. Since the advent of online marketing, the world of spa advertising has been rapidly changing. If you don’t keep up with these changes, your competitors could pull ahead.

Fortunately, anyone can learn modern med spa marketing techniques. There’s a lot to know, but in this beginner’s guide, we’ll give you what you need to get started. Keep reading to learn the cutting-edge methods that will put your spa on the map!

Building Your Brand

The popularity of many med spa treatments is increasing, but along with that growth comes added competition. You’ll need to build your brand and create a recognizable name so customers will choose your spa over others. This section will look at the spa advertising techniques that will help you do that.

1. Brand Messages

When people start shopping for a medical spa, they’re hoping to make a change to their physical appearance. However, the reasons behind the changes they want to make are very emotional.

People choose med spa services because they want to improve how they feel about their appearance. Your medical spa marketing needs to carefully tap into that emotional thought process in a way that’s positive for your customers.

Don’t ever suggest that there’s something wrong with the way your clients look. Keep things positive, because people shy away from businesses that seem to be judging them. Your clients should see you as their friend and ally in the med spa world.

Honesty is important in your brand messages, too. Be realistic about the results you can deliver. You can lose business or even face legal trouble if you aren’t honest about what your treatments can do.

To keep things personal, feature testimonials from real clients on your site. This keeps things conversational. You should also strive for a conversational tone in your branded messages. Don’t get too clinical with your descriptions, and keep your target audience in mind while you choose your tone.

2. Brand Images

Visuals are as important as written brand messages, especially in spa advertisements.

In the past, the visuals chosen for spa marketing were usually pictures of perfect-looking models. These images showed people with perfect faces, bodies, and skin. But in 2018, can your med spa clients relate to these images? No – the “perfect model” ad is totally played out.

People don’t believe perfection when they see it in the age of Photoshop. There are no medical spa treatments that can make a person look like someone else. Instead, these images can make your clients feel ashamed about their looks and more likely to choose a different spa.

How can you combat this problem? Create brand images using real-looking models instead. Avoid the Photoshop and the magazine-quality perfection. You might even use professional photos of your real patients – with their consent, of course.

This will give patients the confidence to sign up for services and will help maintain realistic expectations about the results. Make sure your visuals match the age range and other demographics of your target audience.


Using Your Website

Online marketing is key to medical spa marketing in 2018. However, the internet certainly isn’t new, and many brands have a website now. Why is your website so important, and how can you set it apart from the rest? This section will answer those questions and more.

1. Why Website Design Matters

Your website isn’t just a place for potential clients to learn about your services. It offers a chance to make or break your business by creating a valuable first impression.

In just a few seconds, you need to convince site visitors that your med spa is right for them. Otherwise, they’ll quickly navigate away and find a spa site that appeals to them more. The key is finding out what your site visitors want to see, and offering a taste of that at first glance.

People tend to avoid sites that seem too sales-y. Instead, aim to build a website that’s useful and knowledgeable, answering potential questions a patient might have. Don’t forget to make it easy for patients to contact you or book an appointment online.

2. Site Updates

Your site can’t be a static page for years on end. In order to keep new patients coming in, regular site updates are key.

Websites get old with time, just like fashion trends and of course, people. You don’t want a stale, outdated site. In addition to looking good, site updates can also keep you in line with the latest search engine optimizationtechniques that make your brand easy for people to find.

Your site needs to be updated to work with the latest mobile devices, too. Right now, that means being compatible with smartphones and tablets. In the future, that could mean optimizing for smartwatches and other yet-unheard of devices.

If you’re running a business, you can’t just use any old site you build yourself. If your site’s getting old, higher professional web development services to give it the facelift it needs.

3. Site Content

Finally, your spa promotion ideas need to include great content that will regularly get posted on your site.

Many spa sites just list their service in menu form on a single page. However, a more elaborate content plan will actually serve your spa marketing efforts better. You need to talk about your services in a way that’s informative, but that also piques the interest of possible customers.

Group similar treatments together in single pages, and use suggestive selling to let customers know about treatments they might not have heard of before.

Other content that’s not about your services, such as an educational blog or a loyalty program, can also go a long way toward getting people invested in your site. Keep things interesting and interactive.


Need Help With Medical Spa Marketing?

Medical spa marketing is always changing. In 2018, it’s all about being realistic, relatable, informative, and adaptable to different devices. However, by next year, new spa marketing techniques could already be on the rise.

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry, you won’t have to figure it all out on your own. For all your Med Spa Marketing, visit our sister company Med Spa Digital and try their free site analysis to learn how they can help your med spa marketing efforts succeed.

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