Facebook Ads

Use the largest social network in the world to grow your business.

Get effective results by using strategic ad targeting and sales funnels to get you more business.

Facebook advertising agency Ottawa, Ontario, canada

Leverage Facebook Advertising For Innovative Lead Generation

While most companies are thinking about likes and followers, we have been creating a unique system for generating high-quality new business leads for hundreds of companies throughout the Asia Pacific Region. Don’t waste your Facebook advertising on broad audiences. Utilize the power of big data with Social Garden and Facebook to build audiences that can quickly and effectively be converted into new customers.

Facebook ad agency Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Our Specific Set Of Processes Attracts The Right Customers For Your Business

It all starts with learning who your ideal customer is. Once we learn that, we use this buyer persona to target your ads specifically to those people. The days of wasting your ad budget on a few clicks and hoping they buy are finished. Our strategic audience research ensures every cent of your ad budget is getting results for your business.

Facebook ad agency Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Custom & Similar Audiences

The majority of marketing agencies overlook arguably the most powerful development in digital marketing over the past decade – custom & similar audiences. Custom audiences allow selected agencies to upload their existing databases into the back end of Facebook to run targeted advertisements toward users whose email address in the database matches a Facebook login email (which is around 70% of most databases).